How to dress your baby during the first days and months?

The arrival of a newborn overwhelms us with questions including, of course, that of the dressing room. What do you need to have to dress your baby on the day of delivery? And for the stay in the maternity ward? But then also, during the first few months when he or she will grow up so fast? How and when to buy baby’s first little clothes is unique. However to help you in this puzzle, we share with you our little experience.


A wardrobe little by little

Our first tip is to buy step by step. Rather superstitious, during our pregnancy we only bought for the first few days. Beyond superstition, a baby grows and gets bigger very quickly. In 6 months , it goes through a minimum of 3 sizes . Better to buy gradually according to its growth. We also advise you of course  to favor second-hand purchases or loans from your family or friends while indulging yourself with 1 or 2 new “favorite” pieces.


The maternity suitcase

Advice for the maternity suitcase abounds in books and on the Internet. If we had to share one of our tips , it’s to prepare 2 bags. A mini bag (or pouch) for the delivery room. Ready and easy to access, it will facilitate the task of the person accompanying you. In this pocket, we recommend that you slip:

  • a pajama that opens in front (easier for the first exchange)
  • a small bra body (also easier for the first changes)
  • a small cotton cap

In the other bag , bigger, you can put your things and those of your baby there for the maternity stay. For your baby, we recommend:

  • 6 bodysuits
  • 1 cotton or wool cardigan depending on the season
  • 6 pajamas (3 nights and 3 days)
  • possibly 3 combinations or outfits if you prefer to see your baby dressed during the day
  • 1 cotton cap


If your baby is born in the middle of summer , you can reduce the number of pajamas and outfits and increase the number of bodysuits that will constitute his main outfit.

In terms of size , we advise you to take 1 month . The birth size is often only useful for a few days (or even not at all) except for very small babies. A garment that is a little too big is always more comfortable than a garment that is too small.


The little extras

Even if it is not absolutely essential for motherhood, the sleeping bag allows your baby to feel safe. In view of the temperatures in the maternity units, we recommend a light sleeping bag. Little more for the mother too . In the last weeks of your pregnancy, indulge yourself by buying a cosmetic that you like and that you will use during your maternity stay. A nice soap, oil or moisturizer. Our favorites today are the products of La Petite Sorcière , Bobone or Soap Me .


But what are bodysuits, jumpsuits and sleeping bags for?

The body

A must-have for a baby’s wardrobe, it can be short or long sleeve. When the weather is hot, it is a piece of clothing all by itself. The bodysuit keeps the diaper in place and covers the baby’s tummy well as it closes at the crotch. For the first few weeks, we recommend bodysuits that close like a bra because they make it easier to change. The bodysuit is usually worn until the age when your child begins toilet training. At Marcel & Fifi, we recommend the timeless and indestructible bodies of Petit Bateau .


The jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is also a classic in baby’s wardrobe. For the most part with snap openings at the crotch, they also facilitate changing. In cotton or wool, short or long, with or without sleeves, light or thick, they are practical in winter and summer. From size 3 months, they can be replaced by small pants with sweaters or t-shirts or by dresses.


The sleeping bag

These kinds of sleeping bags allow your baby to stay covered while sleeping. to feel in a small cocoon when he is in his bed. The sleeping bags are also recommended to prevent the risk of sudden death and to reassure your baby like a little cocoon. We recommend that you have 2 of each size so that you can turn when it is dirty. Depending on the season and the temperature of the room you opt for more or less light. Their thickness is measured in TOG. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag.


And after?

As we were telling you, babies get fat and grow really fast. In 6 months, they go through the size 1 month, 3 months and 6 months (and sometimes already from 9-12 months). Following our experience, we advise you to have:

  • 4 pajamas per size
  • 2 cardigans or sweaters per size
  • 6 bodysuits per size
  • 4 outfits in size 1 month (jumpsuit or t-shirt + pants)
  • 6 outfits in size 3 months and size 6 months (jumpsuit or t-shirt + pants or dress)

Socks and / or slippers

For bedtime, we always recommend the sleeping bag. For walks, we recommend the jumpsuits or a small jacket that is not too warm and easy to put on and then, depending on the weather, slip your baby into a footmuff, a sleeping bag or a nomad blanket. We also recommend a little warmer or cooler hat depending on the season. Shoes are not necessary until your baby is walking. The socks and / or slippers sufficiently warm their little feet .