Top Best Places to Sell Your Used Electronics

If you have older electronic devices lying around the building, you can have a valuable treasure concealed in them. How big is your array of electronics that you haven’t touched in a while, if you look in your drawers?

In the meantime, declutter your home and make some money. But be mindful of scam websites that claim to help you make a sale. In order to keep you on the straight and narrow road towards cash in your wallet, we have researched the best places to sell your used electronics.

The best websites to sell used electronics.

The Internet is a great way to sell used computers. Here is how to sell on reputable websites and to choose trusted companies. This article is NOT ranked in any particular order.

  1. Amazon

Selling used electronics on Amazon is easily accomplished because it is a simple process and easily done. In order to sell a product, setup a third-party seller account. You’ll provide your personal information, and before long, you’ll have a whole house full of stuff.

Amazon is a well-known platform where people buy used products to make sure they are of good quality. As a result, your descriptions will not have to be perfect when submitting your listing. In your product description, you must be careful not to mislead anyone.

Knowing that you’ll pay a listing and final-sale fee from Amazon, value that listing fee. However, if you plan to sell used electronics regularly, you can set-up an account with Amazon, which will provide fast delivery and outstanding customer satisfaction (FBA). This premium service comes at a monthly fee of $39 but includes many more benefits than the ones listed.

  1. Decluttrius

Decluttr is a recognized industry leader in electronics recycling, with over 5 million satisfied customers. The proof lies in the pudding. They pay well and provide a simple method of sale. You may use their website to initiate a deal, or download the Decluttr app for Android or iOS.

Start the process by selecting the item you want to sell to Decluttr, entering specific model details, condition, accessories included, etc., and you will instantly get a price. They also back up their quoted price with their Price Pledge, which says that within a day of receiving and reviewing your product, you will receive your quoted price.

Upon receipt by email of your free shipping sticker, box up your computer and send it to Decluttr. It will be inspected when it arrives at Decluttr and they will also delete all of your personal details if appropriate.

Decluttr immediately pays its buyers, and if the device is in worse shape than quoted for whatever reason, they will contact you with an updated trade-in bid. They will give you the computer back, free of charge, if you decide not to accept their latest bid. The day after receiving your unit, they pay. Either by direct deposit, PayPal or check, sellers will get paid. You can opt to donate the earnings to charity as well.

  1. Gazelle Gazelle

If you need a fast sale and want to avoid interactions with customers, sell your used electronics to Gazelle. Start by asking Gazelle what you want to sell, and the price will be estimated. You may then accept this price or decline it. If you want to sell your used electronics to Gazelle, you can ship them free of charge. It’ll even give the packaging to you.

They will pay you via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or check once Gazelle receives your computer and is happy that the condition is compatible with your representation. Recently, Gazelle has also offered self-service kiosks where you can drop off your things to get cash immediately. Bear in mind that this amount is going to be smaller than what you will usually get, but if you’re looking for instant cash, it’s helpful.

  1. Swappa

For the sale of used mobile devices, Swappa is widespread. As the seller, you won’t pay a commission, but if your mobile device sells, you can consider PayPal payments. Swappa can pay buyers a premium that is dependent on the final purchase price.

It’s easy to build listings. Start by writing a summary and headline, followed by a few questions to help buyers quickly sift through listings. Thanks to the bar chart that shows price changes for your device over time, Swappa makes it easy to produce a reasonable price.

A variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, VR headphones, and smartwatches, can be sold, but Windows laptops do not accept them.

  1. BestBuy Trade – In Purchase Program

Best Buy makes it easy for a Best Buy gift card to trade in your used electronics. You won’t get as much as you will with selling your devices to a client more often than not, but the process is immediate, which is perfect if you don’t want the bother of waiting.

On their website, you can also use the trade-in estimator from Best Buyer to see how much money your item is worth. This is a perfect way to calculate how much you’ll receive to see if your time is worth the Trade-In program.

The downside to this program is that only a gift card can be issued, not cash. On the positive side, you can sell a wide variety of electronics through the Best Buy Trade-In Service, including: iPhone, iPad, laptop, mobile phones, video games, camera, TV, home theater, and more.

  1. eBay

Without recommending ebay, you can’t talk about selling used products. This is a fantastic forum for selling your used electronics in whatever condition it might be in (including your used iPhone). Even phones that have displays that are scratched or cracked. With about 1.3 billion product listings on a given day, eBay is one of the largest online markets.

You can price your item competitively until you know what electronic product you want to sell. Thankfully, thanks to their assessment method, eBay makes this move simple. This method helps you to calculate the trending price of a related product based on the prices of the sellers.

Two purchase formats are offered by the marketplace: auction and “buy it now.” What made eBay rise to fame is the former, as it makes goods more likely to sell. This is also an efficient purchasing format if you are looking for a fast sale or want to sell a competitive electronic product. However, for the lowest amount that you are willing to accept for your unit, you should always set a reserve price.

There is no bidding required for fixed-price listings. For the seller, it is easy and needs no haggling or waiting until the sale has come to an end. But for any listing, make sure that when calculating your sale price, you take into account any selling fees and shipping costs.

While eBay is not inherently a selling site for experts, the product description you write for your product will need to be carefully considered. In eBay searches, this portion of the listing determines your rating, so think like your future buyer. You want to use keyphrases that can be typed into the search bar by users. For example, you can optimize the description, such as, “Used iPhone 6s 32GB, rose gold,” if you are selling a used iPhone 6s. Information like this will set the competition apart from your listing.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

A dynamic distribution platform for a variety of goods has rapidly become the Facebook Marketplace. Listing is fairly straightforward, particularly if you already have a Facebook account. Start, however, by clearing any personal details, such as your location, photos, or phone number, that you do not want projected to potential customers.

This can be a great forum for selling your used electronics, but, due to Facebook’s lighthearted nature, some sellers take it less seriously than others. One main tip is to always list the price you are searching for. When they start a discussion with you, customers don’t want to be fooled by a number that will later change. At the beginning, setting it too low can confuse purchasers and goes against the Commerce Policies of Facebook.

One of the greatest advantages of using the Facebook Marketplace is that no sale fees are available. Plus, to see if they’re a serious customer, you can visit the prospective buyer’s profile to check any previous feedback and reviews.

  1. Craigslist

For years, Craigslist has been a popular place for the sale of used goods, and is a great way to sell your electronics without any fees. Study some rivals to see what they’re selling a similar electronics for before officially listing your item. It doesn’t matter what you originally purchased your computer for, because over time, prices can fluctuate naturally.

When selling on Craigslist, keep in mind that to exchange money and goods, you will need to visit the seller. We suggest meeting in a public place or your home for your protection, where the buyer has the time and ability to access your property to examine the electronics before handing over your products.

The most challenging aspect of selling on Craigslist is to get customers to believe that what you are promising is being offered. As such, it is important that you provide as much data as possible, all of which must be specific and valid.

Communication is important and you can need to share phone numbers with your seller so that when planning a place to meet, they can get in touch with you.

  1. GameStop Trade-In

GameStop also has a common trade-in service that allows you to trade cash-even if they are not in working order electronics. To do so, for a member of staff to determine their condition, you will need to visit your local store with your products.

You will then be given two choices by an employee: a cash price or store credit. As GameStop wants you to spend your earnings with them, the latter appears to be of greater value, but compared to Best Buy, it’s great to have the cash alternative. Plus, you’ll get an additional 10 percent store credit for products you trade in if you’re a GameStop reward participant.

We love that a range of electronics are approved by GameStop, including: mobile phones, laptops, cameras, gaming accessories, headphones and more.

  1. Close5

Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Close5 operates and has a website and mobile app built for people living in the same location. With the app, it’s easy to build new listings and the convenience of Close5 is one of the primary reasons buyers love it.

You’ll connect with them via the app until you locate a potential buyer and then meet up to make a transaction. How you exchange money is then down to you and the seller, but most people opt for cash.

Tips on how to market your used electronics

The Internet will show a multitude of websites if you Google-search ‘sale used electronics’. But, we don’t suggest that you use something you haven’t heard of, or that needs a heavy upfront charge. The choices above are the best places to sell your used electronics and many users trust them. Apart from selecting the website on which you will advertise your device, here are some tips to improve your sales.

First impressions count

Before even thinking of a deal, you can spend some time dusting off your electronics, even if they’re not in working order. If you choose a platform like Craiglist, where you will be met by an interested buyer to exchange money, they will first want to evaluate the device.

Even if your electronics are in excellent working order, if it looks dirty and uncared for, anyone would not give it a chance. They’re going to make the presumption that it was not taken care of, which could then impact its efficiency.

Even if you don’t meet the customer in person, when they receive the product through the post or look at electronic pictures online, they will expect a certain quality.

Significant Presentation

In addition to ensuring that the device is clean for the seller, you should also carefully consider its picture presentation. Take a look at your surroundings before taking a photo to make sure there’s no clutter that might distract potential customers from looking at your online listing.

Have a solid-colored backdrop that coincides with the goods you sell, so that it can be seen clearly by people. In order to produce professional shots, the lighting is also key.

Try offering the full kit

Compared to items that only contain the unit, electronics that include the original packaging, battery, and required cords have a higher chance of selling. If you sell a used phone, for example, make sure it comes with a charger, package, and maybe a case or two to maximize your chances of sale. To keep them from having to look elsewhere, clients tend to have all the necessities in one purchase.

Doing so makes the product stand out and increases its value relative to rivals. If you don’t have all the cords and initial packaging, expect the buyer to receive less money.

We also suggest that any necessary documents, such as a manual or warranty, be included with your used electronics. This will increase the revenue.

Be honest

Honesty is fundamental. In seeking to make a final sale, you can not get away with lying about the state of your electronics. When you’re deceptive about the state of your computer or any other information, in the end, the sale will just come back to bite you. Plus, on online sites, being branded as a liar can hurt your potential reputation.


We hope this article will help you find a great place for your used electronics to be sold. Just note, there might be a stack of cash waiting for you to cash in the old phone or tablet sitting in your desk drawer. Don’t wait!