How to choose toys for babies from 0 to 3 years

Given that we are on the eve of Christmas, and we know that many of you are busy thinking ‘what toys to buy for your children’, we want to help you a little, giving a series of tips to choose ; We start today with the age stage that goes from 0 to 3 years old. I clarify that babies need little in terms of play with toys, since contact with adults (and the outside world), coupled with a respect for the rate of growth (depending on which they are allowed to crawl or crawl), they greatly facilitate development; without counting on the possibilities that we offer to take them anywhere , visits to the playground, and the manipulation of natural elements such as earth or pineapples.

Between 0 and 36 months a lot happens, at all levels; Regarding play, a newborn does not need toys, while a 3-year-old child can take small trips with a bicycle without pedals , for a 4-month-old baby, movement games with his mother or father, a 24-month-old may will closely follow short stories when read to you .

Children’s play is more than studied, and it is known that it evolves with growth; game theories establish various stages that seem to occur in all children, although their onset depends on each one. Thus we have the sensorimotor (related to the functional game) the preoperational (symbolic game), and the concrete operations (which does not begin until the age of 6, and is marked by the ability to play by rules). It is known that – at the same time – the so-called ‘construction game’ appears around 12 months, which remains adapted to the aforementioned stadiums over the years.

For a child, playing should be the main occupation, and it fulfills two very important functions: supporting development and providing happiness , increasing the latter when the game is free (that is, without rules imposed by adults). Playing is a necessary activity, and parents should ‘force’ ourselves to facilitate play, regardless of age; In other related posts we will remind you, since today we will focus on babies, and no one doubts that their life should revolve around games (and perhaps toys).

How to choose toys for babies from 0 to 3 years: safety tips

First of all, I must remind you that when buying, you must verify that the product has the CE mark, ensuring that it has passed some tests in order to verify that the toy does not have small parts that could be inhaled or ingested ; Furthermore, the box must clearly state that it is indicated for the age we are talking about (0 to 36 months); which explains that other toys indicate just the opposite: ‘that it is not suitable for children under 36 months’

It is convenient to remember safety also when unpacking : boxes, seals, plastic and wrapping papers, should not be left within the reach of a small child, to avoid trapping or swallowing an object. If the baby has older siblings and they are over 7 years old, the importance of collecting and storing their things will be explained to them , so that the baby cannot pick them up , if they are still small, we will have to get even more involved in the game of all children, participating and at the same time ensuring that accidents do not occur.

How to choose toys for babies from 0 to 3 years: what toys to give

Babies from 0 to 6 months

If you have a baby at these ages, you are sure to be amazed at the speed with which they have developed the ability to follow their gaze, move their hands and recognize them.

They are advised rubber dolls, rattles , toys with mirrors, mobile or tactile carpets.

Babies 7 to 12 months

Children begin to have fun throwing objects (an activity that lasts a long time), and they also show interest in different voices and sounds, as well as textures and colors

That is why you can give away sound, stackable toys (which will make more sense from the year on), soft books with large images, boxes with holes in different shapes, the first rag dolls, and objects that can roll.

Babies from 13 to 18 months

Most babies start walking before 16 months, they are very active and have a lot of energy; many embrace experimentation as a way of life

Drag toys, balls, mini climbing structures (if you have a garden) such as slides , games of sorting by shapes and colors, hard wax paints (thick to facilitate grip), large dolls,… are among the favorites.

Babies from 19 to 24 months

Because their curiosity leads them to want to know names and details about people outside the family, stories that recreate everyday stories are useful , but still with many large images and little text. You can also try tricycles, puzzles, dolls, more sophisticated sound toys (such as telephones) and toys for the sandbox in the park.

Babies 2 to 3 years

Their interest in gesticulation and imitation is accentuated, in addition to the writing of the books begins to attract their attention, for this last the double-sided blackboards (chalk and magnetic letters, which you will save for when they are older) they like. They also improve motor skills and are more skilled on small bicycles or other wheeled toys. The toys imitation (doctors, cooks) are also a good choice , provided they are age appropriate.

More tips for choosing toys

Take into account the interests of your baby, that although it is still very small, it will surely show them.

Think of toys that are fun and entertaining, not just for educational purposes.

The child must be the protagonist of the game.

Make agreements with the family so that the amount of gifts is not excessive.

So far, the tips for buying toys for babies from 0 to 3 years, I hope you have found them useful , during the next few days we will continue to recommend types of toys for older children .