8 things to do with a cordless electric drill

The number of jobs that can be done with a portable drill is impressive. Whether for amateur do-it-yourselfers or professionals, this work equipment is an attractive investment for carrying out various works. However, this portable tool can also be used for many other things. Here are some ideas!


Using a drill to sharpen a knife

It is important to take care of the kitchen equipment to achieve the best possible preparation, and this, as soon as possible. Therefore, sharpening the knives is essential in order to more easily cut any type of food, from meat to tomatoes, including cucumbers, among others. The drill can double as a sharpener for clean and precise results. To do so, just follow the simple steps below:


Measure the width of the drill head;

Cut a strip of sandpaper according to the dimensions obtained, taking care to ensure that the length is sufficient to cover the entire surface of the head of the device;

Apply hot glue to the center surface of the drill head in a zigzag pattern to ensure a solid attachment;

Wrap the strip of sandpaper around the head;

All that remains is to plug in the device, turn it on and sharpen the knife.


Peeling fruit with a drill

When there is a kilogram of fruit to peel, aspiring cooks can quickly become discouraged. However, it is enough to find the right trick so that this operation is no longer considered a chore.


Here are the necessary tools:

  • A drill;
  • A steward;
  • A spade bit.
  • To take advantage of an extra fruit peeler , you must:


Insert the spade bit into the mandrel and tighten securely;

Fix the fruit (apple, peach, pear, etc.) on the spade wick at the level of the chalice;

Start the drill and peel the fruit in the blink of an eye using the peeler.


Replace the electric mixer with a portable drill

If the electric mixer is broken, don’t panic. You just need to know the right tips to fix this problem. Indeed, the drill can also be useful in the kitchen. To obtain an auxiliary electric mixer and successfully prepare culinary preparations, all you need to do is:


Attach the mixer whisk to the mandrel, taking care to tighten it;

Adjust the speed of the drill as needed;

Start the appliance, immerse the whisk in the bowl and perform rotating movements as would the blender.

Create a kitchen whisk with a drill

If the kitchen whisk cannot be found even though the clock is ticking, no need to borrow one from the neighbors. Just adopt this DIY cook tip, with:

  • A drill ;
  • A pencil ;
  • Plastic cable ties (3 minimum)


Here’s what to do to create a kitchen whisk  :

Attach the plastic clamps to the end of the pencil, taking care that their location is perfectly balanced to take the shape of a propeller.

Insert the pencil into the chuck and turn the clamping ring.

All that’s left to do is start the drill and dip the extra kitchen whisk into the preparation.


Sharpen a pencil with a drill

Sharpening a pencil in the blink of an eye without getting tired is possible. To enjoy a MacGyver pencil sharpener and wow loved ones:


Insert the pencil into the drill chuck;

Turn the tightening ring to engage the screw connection without over-tightening to ensure that the pencil is properly secured;

Turn on the drill and insert the pencil head into the sharpener.


Clean smooth surfaces with your drill

If the tiles in the kitchen or bathroom need a precise and thorough cleaning, no need to carry a complete cleaning kit. With this trick, exit the wipes of the sponge, the nearby water bucket and tons of detergents. The operation requires:

  • A drill ;
  • A screw ;
  • A used toothbrush;
  • Hot glue.
  • The steps are simple:

Drill a hole in the center of the toothbrush head, being careful to use a drill bit with the same diameter as the screw.

Insert the screw into the hole starting from the side where the bristles are present.

On the back side, secure the screw using hot glue.

Cut the handle of the toothbrush.

Insert the screw into the chuck and turn the clamping ring (preferably manually).

Apply the detergent to the toothbrush.

Start the drill and scrub the surfaces to be cleaned.

This trick can quickly restore shine to a tile , regardless of the level of dirt on the surface.


Twist the wires with a drill

Twisting two or more wires is a tiring and time consuming operation, depending on the length of the wires. By using a drill, this can be done in just a few seconds. To do this :

Make sure that the wires are not tangled and lay them out in their entire length on the floor or on the table.

Insert the ends of the wires into the drill chuck.

Turn the tightening ring (preferably manually) and make sure the wires are secure.

Adjust the speed of the drill (preferably at minimum speed).

Start the device.


Use a drill to open a bottle of wine

It may happen that the corkscrew can not be found at the time of the aperitif. No need to rush to the nearest store, which stays open at a late hour to get one right away.

All you need is a drill, screw and pliers:

Insert the screw into the cork stopper using the screwdriver, taking care not to push it in all the way, but to leave at least 1 cm.

Remove the screw using the pliers, the cork stopper will follow by itself.

It’s clear that a simple drill can do more than just drilling jobs. These tips can distract this portable device from its initial use, but there are probably many more.